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Medical - Pharmaceutical ( VNU )

Faculty of Medicine  (Khoa Y - Dược (ĐHQG Hà Nội)), VNU was established under Decision No. 1507 / QD - TCCB of President of VNU .Faculty of Medicine is affiliated training unit of VNU , have legal status , seal and separate accounts 

Medical - Pharmaceutical ( VNU )
Address : 144Xuan Thuy , Cau Giay District , Hanoi
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Tel / Fax : (04) 85876452 - Fax : (04) 85876451
School notation : QHY
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ddress : 144 Xuan Thuy Street, Cau Giay District, Ha NoiKy the school : enrollment QHYChi 2013 : 88Diem Standard : Proportion of fighting :Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy - VNU- HanoiKhoa - Medicine VNU - The sectoral hoc.- Matriculation Matriculation students have opportunities to study to become a general practitioner , pharmacist with basic scientific knowledge firmly , have qualified and proficient foreign language (supported learning to achieve English proficiency IELTS 5.0 ) , capable of scientific research and access to scientific advances of modern medicine .
Faculty of Medicine has the function , the following tasks : Faculty of Medicine introduced VNU
Faculty of Medicine was established by decision of the President of VNU No. 1507 / QD-TCCB 2010. Since then the Department is taking steps to build and grow. 2012-2013 school year is the first year the two branches Faculty of Pharmacy enrollment (training pharmacists) and General Medicine (training general practitioner)
Whether as a training base fledgling medical school in the country but the Faculty of Medicine VNU is built on a solid foundation of Hanoi National University, an institution of higher education have formerly the University Vietnam has over 106 community Nam.Trong universities, faculties and scientific research centers of Hanoi National University, Faculty of Medicine is a training unit, study science and service providers. Science is also a bridge between industry, science basic science point of convergence is medicine applications.
Matriculated students have opportunities to study to become a general practitioner, pharmacist with basic scientific knowledge solid, professional qualifications and good language (supported learning to reach proficiency in English IELTS 5.0), capable of scientific research and access to scientific advances of modern medicine.
International Affiliate Programs
University Rennes1, France: Faculty of Medicine and University Rennes1 has established long-term partnerships in the areas of:
Student exchange, faculty exchange
Cooperation in the field of scientific research
EWHA University, South Korea: Since 2011, the Faculty of Medicine, University EWHA VNU and has established cooperative relations, with particular emphasis on the student exchange issues and jointly implement activities community activities such as healthcare and medicines allocated for poor people in the ...
Also Pharmacy Hanoi National University also linked collaboration Yonsei University, South Korea; Max Integra company, Japan; University of Iowa, USA ..
Higher education, graduate, provide highly qualified human resources in the field of medicine and pharmacy; scientific research - technology, service and clinical training, community health care quality standards area, including parts of international qualifications.
a) Training college graduate professional fields of medicine and pharmacy sector quality standards;
b) Scientific research and technology in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, science, health, technology and medical technology ...; counseling strategic issues, policy and scientific solutions developed health management service, incorporating training with scientific research and production, scientific services - technology;
c) Combined with practical training, treatment, care and protection of public health;
d) international cooperation on training and scientific research; scientific exchange and technology transfer; develop relationships with the community, with the economic organizations - other local society and on a national scale;
e) Construction of infrastructure, technical service training activities, scientific research and healthcare;
e) Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of VNU appropriate professional field.